A Sweet Treat

Here’s a sweet idea you can use if you’re going for a bohemian theme for your wedding. A floral wreath is a colorful and whimsical accent you can add to your table setting at the wedding reception. Most of the time when the guests start arriving from the church or garden ceremony, it’s nice to have sweet to nibble on while waiting for lunch or dinner to be served.

 photo wreath2_zpsnjh1zwu3.png

For our client’s wedding we used artificial flowers and placed them in small doilies with a piece of Ferrero Chocolate in the center.  You can also use real flowers but it’ more practical to use small artificial flowers to make into wreaths because you can make them ahead of time and not have to worry about the flowers colors fading or wilting. For a more personalized touch we added some ra ribbon with the couple’s name on it and scattered some mint green and gold butterflies on the guest tables.

If you want a more monochromatic look you can opt for white flowers but one thing’s for sure – your wedding guests will love this sweet and floral treat when it welcomes them on their table.

 photo wreath4_zpsi6u34xuf.png


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